X-plode Sleeved Resistance Tubing
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X-plode Sleeved Resistance Tubing

The Xplode Sleeved Resistance Tubes (or bands) are a great way to get a strength workout in a safe way. Although you have the strength from the tube to build your muscles, you have no heavy weights to drop on your feet, etc. You also have a lower risk of muscle injury with stretch tubes because of the progessive resistance style of the tubing. Lastly, they are lightweight, easy to store and travel with and each tube can cover a range of resistance (one tube can range from 5-15 lbs for example).

Safe, Easy, Portable


  • An ideal, lightweight workout tool that you can use anywhere, anytime
  • Provides a safe, effective total body conditioning program
  • Offers progressive resistance levels for multiple uses and fitness levels
  • Protective covering to prevent over extension and snapping and protect user if tube does snap
  • Flexible fabric handles for comfort
  • 4 feet long
  • 5 resistance levels:  Light, Medium, Heavy, Very Heavy, and Ultra Heavy