MD Buddy 5-in-1 Soft Plyobox (16”-20”-24”-30”-39”)
$599.00 $399.00

MD Buddy 5-in-1 Soft Plyobox (16”-20”-24”-30”-39”)

It’s time to take your plyometric training to the next level! The MD Buddy 5-in-1 soft plyobox gives you 5 different height progressions in a small, compact step design.

Manufactured with a super high density foam, the 5-in-1 plyo is very stable and does not tip as easy as other boxes on the market, even if you land close to the edge. It also has a removable cover that is replaceable, if you happen to have something sharp pierce the anti-slip shell.



  • Dimensions: 24”x20”x39”
  • Weight: 80lbs