Why are there delays?

Here is a breakdown of what we are receiving from all of our suppliers on the delays.....


  1. Factories: All factories were shut down at the start of COVID  where all the products were completely sold out and now they are trying to get caught up
  2. World Wide: The factories overseas are supplying products all over the world, not just Saskatoon & Regina
  3. Raw Materials: there are HUGE shortages of raw materials due to the mass increase of demand in products
  4. Shipping: containers are stuck and not shipping out from Asia due to the shortage of containers to put products into to bring over.  Plus with the increase in demand of products from all the other industries, there is now a shortage with boats bringing containers over.  Once containers do arrive in Canada, there are then delays at our Canadian ports due to amount of  overwhelming orders.
  5. Suppliers: they are back logged due to their own orders to their customers plus sending out to us as retailers. Some of them are legally restricted to a small # of warehouse workers at a time dependent of where they are located and the increased high order volumes do not make it any easier on their teams.
  6. Lastly……on the news you may have heard that the COVID Vaccines are delayed too...everything is affected/impacted

 At the time you ordered, yes, the timeline provided could have been the timeline as that was what we were provided. The world is not functioning normally, so delays are an expectation and unfortunately out of our control. We cringe to even provide any sort of ETA as they have all been impacted and pushed back several times, its not something we have control over. Our updates as well do not always come in a timely manner either from our suppliers.

Online Store Temporarily Disabled

Due to the extremely high demand of online traffic and product impacts due to the pandemic, online orders can NOT be processed at this time on our website. However, products can be viewed. If you see an item of interest, please reach out to us for its availability and ETA.

***** Please CONTACT 306-933-3310,  info@fitnesssaskatoon.com  or any store employee in Contact Us for CURRENT AVAILABILITY on all products****


In-Store Shopping

Our store front has re-opened to the public!

Properly worn masks are mandatory as per the Governement of Saskatchewan's madate. This is to help us all do our part in flattening the curve and for the safety of everyone. 

Sanatizer is available upon entering and is required to be used by anyone who enters.


Curbside Pickups:

We are still offering curbside pick ups if you would prefer. Orders can be processed over the phone or through email and then picked up outside our store. When you arrive, call 306-933-3310 and let the person who answers know you are here to pick up your order.

Curbside pickup hours: Monday - Friday 9:30-5:00, Saturday 9:30-4:30.

Please direct any questions, orders and requested bookings to: info@fitnesssaskatoon.com or call 306-933-3310

Already Ordered?

If you have already preordered products and have not received them, we do apologize for the delay.  While we may have provided you with an ETA at the time of your order, this can and may have changed since that time of your order was placed.. ETA's and timelines are still very unpredictable to navigate currently as our suppliers are providing us what they know on a day by day basis, which is what we provide. However, due to delays at the factories, shipping and all other avenues affected due to the pandemic, there becomes a snowball effect. Even updated ETA's can and have been interupted.

Please know we are working as efficiently as possible with what we can do to get your order into your hands. Please be patient and understanding as we navigate through this with you. While we appreciate your position and understand you may be a customer waiting an extended period of time for your order or the remaining parts of your order, we apologize for the delay, we wish we had more control over these timelines. We will contact you as soon as we have any updates,  parts of your order or your completed order ready for you.

 We appreciate your business, patience & understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times. #bekind #staysafe